Causes of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Causes of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Recovery Programs

Like most mental disorders, alcohol and substance abuse don't have a single cause, and can be the consequence of a combined group of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors. Some studies have linked alcoholism and alcohol abuse, to some specific genes. Having a close relative, for example, a parent or kin, who struggles with alcohol abuse builds the odds that the person will likewise struggle with a similar addiction. The environment may also play a role in alcohol and abuse.


Like the addiction itself, the treatment of alcohol use disorder is also complex. Alcohol addiction affects every sphere of a person’s life be it their relationships, professional and social lives.

One of the most primary steps in treating alcohol abuse is Alcohol detox. It is a medically supervised procedure during which a medical practitioner administers medications to control symptoms, and the individual is monitored by professionals to ensure his or her safety. In addition to medical care during withdrawal from alcohol, the person usually also receives education about his or her alcohol problem and its treatment.

Like alcohol abuse, substance abuse can also have serious consequence on one’s life, sometimes it may also cause death. One part of the substance abuse and addiction treatmentis the addiction itself. This procedure may include therapeutically directed removal and elimination of drugs from the individual's body. Personal counseling, support group, physical exercises and various other methods are used to help beat alcohol obsession.

There are several types of recovery programs available to help patients with addiction problems. There are both inpatient and outpatient programs. The inpatient program can be both clinic based or residential. The clinic based inpatient programs are nowadays less common than they used to be. However, the residential rehab programs can last from one month to one year. The outpatient programs are held in evening or weekends to allow the patients to work and earn their livelihood.